About Us

At Piece & Gathering we take common debris and encase it in a clear bio resin so that it may be seen in a new way and appreciated for it's uniqueness, it's artistry and it's story.

Although we are currently collecting debris from locations around New York City, we will soon expand to other cities around the country and someday, the world. Each piece is engraved with the location of origin for the items within.

We also encase insects, and occasionally other critters, all of whom met their end in a natural way and are thus often disintegrated or dismembered but still awe inspiring in their elegance and intricacy.

At Piece & Gathering we strive to bring the disparate trajectories of simple, worthless objects together, encapsulate them into a moment that is worth cherishing. Each piece is entirely one of a kind, unprecedented, singular and special- just like each of us.